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If you find that you are unable to send, open or read attachments after logging into your college OWA (Outlook Web App) email using a web browser on a personal device, this may be due to a problem with the web browser you are using or the speed of your internet access from the computer you are using

Whilst OWA is able to be used with all web browsers, sometimes additional plugins, installed from other websites, can interfere with how some of the advance functionality is or is not displayed when using your staff email

The current version of Chrome web browser (version 37 onwards) has known issues with certain features - like buttons, not working as intended see here

Make sure you are not blocking Pop-Ups

We currently advise that users use IE, Firefox, Safari or Opera web browsers

We would suggest trying another web browser or another computer, to confirm the problem is browser related, and then either re-installing the web browser that is not working or continue to use the one that does

Alternatively you can select 'Use the light version of Outlook Web App' when logging in:

This will reduce some of the new functionality but will give you a more responsive experience if just reading and sending email