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The college does not permit direct Skype application usage over its wired network and staff and students are encouraged to use their Lync account to communicate with external Skype contacts (Lync 2013 is installed on all college desktop computers) - see here

UPDATE: Microsoft has rebranded Lync to 'Skype for Business' which now means that Skype contacts are now fully accessible from all college desktop computers.  More details here (May 2015)

Staff and students are permitted to use Skype over they colleges wireless network using their own device or a college laptop/tablet in accordance to the colleges wireless AUP

College owned laptops and tablets

By default the college does not install the Skype application on these devices but users may install it if needed but are advised to uninstall it when they are finished to avoid leaving sensitive or confidential information on the device - especially personal login details

 If the computer you wish to use does not have a webcam or headset, these can be borrowed from the Library