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Sometimes external users will need to send emails to staff and/or students that may contain large attachments and if the total size of the email exceeds 4MB the email will be rejected and the sender may receive a bounce back NDR (non-deliverable report) which will contain the following:

To enable the sending of large file attachments the college has an external web FTP service known as ShareFile

This service is accessed via the portal page link on the external website - top right hand corner or via specific 'file drop' links (see here) issued to individual staff members


Then select  'FTP UPLOAD AREA' from the list


And then fill out the form with the senders name and the recipients details, then browse to the file(s) to be sent. If you have more that 5 files, just complete the process again

The maximum size for any one file is 2GB

The identified recipient from the above will then receive an internal email (shown below) with a link to the uploaded files within 24 working hours

It can take up 1 working day for the attachments to be received by the intended recipient and any incomplete or incorrect details will lead to further delays, which will be email internally via the helpdesk

Staff that are receiving a large number of such attachment submissions, please contact the IT helpdesk to request a unique drop link to enable external users to send you such files directly without the delay of going through the helpdesk system

The FileDrop link for the college is : File Drop link