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Beginning in 2014 the college will be upgrading its version of office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) from Office 2010 to Office 2013 on all college computers

The upgrade will be staged and will usually happen overnight without the need for user interaction but there may be a delay during the first login to a computer after it has been upgraded to complete specific user configurations

Whilst there is no significant change that would effect staff or students existing use of these applications (your current workflows), there are key points to be aware of:

  • All Office 2013 application now have a full ribbon bar - see Quick Start Guide below for more details

  • Outlook calendars are displayed slightly differently
  • Lync 2013 we be made available (also known as Skype) - details here

  • All Office 2013 applications are O365 (Office 365/SharePoint) aware, offering a more seamless integration with secure shared areas

You may need to complete a one time login of the Office applications to Office 365 - details here, which is done from within any application by clicking on 'Sign In' link in the top right hand corner. The login details for this are your email address in the first box and then your college username and password in the second box that appears with our logo at the top (the same process as signing into an college secured shared area for the first time on a college computer)

  • When you open any of the Office 2013 applications you will see a new 'home' screen like below

  • And when you click on the 'Open Other Documents' link in the bottom left hand side (if the document is not listed in the 'Recent' list), you will see the following

  • This will offer you new places to look for your files directly from with the application:
    'SharePoint' will be the secure shared areas (if you have completed the sign in process to O365)
    'Rose Bruford College' will be your personal cloud based shared area (held within O365)
    'Computer' is were you access your local desktop and My Documents (as with previous versions of office)

Further details and quick start guides can be found below