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Sometimes when you enter your college username and password into the captive portal screen while trying to connect to the wireless SSID RBC-INTERNET you keep getting the following massage displayed

This can be caused by a number of reasons

 your password has expired

your password is 90+ days old, either login to a college computer or use the password reset service to reset your password

Check your college email regularly for notifications about password age

 your account is locked out due to too many failed attempts to login with the wrong password

a repeated attempt to login with a valid username but wrong password will temporarily lock an account out.  The most common cause of this is saving passwords on personal devices for email and wireless access

use the password reset service or contact the IT helpdesk

 you have already established another wireless session on another device/computer - you can only connect one at a time

you are only allowed to connect 1 wireless device every 180 minutes. If you have already logged into the wireless with your username/password on another device you will need disconnect the session when prompted or go back to that device and end the session by closing the web browser

The most common cause of this is if you set a device to automatically connect and you have chosen to save you username/password, meaning the device will connect without you doing anything

 you already have established a session on your device/computer and are trying to login again

sometimes when you have finished using the internet our system does not detect that you have finished, this is usually caused by just closing the lid on your computer or switching off the display on a tablet/phone without closing the web browser first. If this is the case our system will think you are trying to start a new session rather than realising that you already have an existing valid session

If this happens on your device click on the 'click here to log out and try again' link in the above message

If none of the above fix you problem, please contact the IT helpdesk for further advice, as sometimes technology does not always work as expected