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The college uses are number of collaborative shared/team storage areas for both staff and students which are based in the Microsoft O365 cloud environment and so are accessible both on and off campus

You can now access the links to all college shared areas from the a single home page link : which lists the shared/team areas by name

This document explains how you authenticate to such areas, which are part of the college's SSO policy, should you be granted access

Enter the link given to you for the college secured shared area you have permission to access, that will start with the following '' and will have the name of your specific shared area you have access to at the end (after the '...sites/' part), so the full link may look like ''

If you are unsure of the link you should be using, please contact the data owner of the shared/team area you need to access


This will take you to the following authentication page

Enter you college SSO UPN which is your username suffixed with '' into the first box and then very quickly tick the box that says 'Keep me signed in' (only if accessing using a college computer)

There is no need to enter a password as the authentication will now use the username/password you logged into the college computer with and link you to the O365 authentication

If you are access the shared area off campus or not via a college computer you will be taken to an RBC authentication page as shown below, into which you just enter the same college SSO details as you would to log into a college computer - username in UPN format and password

Make sure you add the '' on the end of your username (UPN format) as shown below


You will now have access to the secure shared area home page as shown below


Assuming you have ticked the box, you should not need to do this again until your password changes