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All full-time students and permanent staff are allowed to install the latest version of Microsoft Office suite on up to 5 personal computers, whilst they are studying/working at the college

Please check out Get started with Office 365 for assistance on how to install from the Office 365 OWA portal

Download Office here:

Need help? Read about it or watch a video:

Staff can now install Office applications by just clicking on the 'Office 365' link in the top left hand corner of the staff extranet site (see details here)

If you have an existing version of any of the Microsoft Office applications on your computer - including any free or pre-installed versions, please make sure you uninstall them before starting the download

To download the software, you need to login to your O365 OWA email (if a student) via a web browser or login to the college secure shared areas (details here) if a member of staff, on the computer you want to install Office, then:

In the top right hand corner you will see a gear symbol, as shown below

Click on this and select  'Office 365' from the drop down menu that appears

Next click on the 'Install Status' button on the left hand side, then 'Install desktop applications'

Which will take you to a list of available software for the type of computer you are using (based on OS type and version)

You select the language and version (if shown) and then click on install and follow he instructions - we recommend accepting the default settings (if prompted)

You will need to remain connected to the internet during the complete installation processes, which may take sometime depending on your internet speed, as you will need to obtain an activation token after the installation is complete

More help can be obtained by clicking on the '?' icon in the top right hand corner or on the following link

If you get prompted for login details to activate the product when you first run any office application after installation, you need to uninstall and start again as either something went wrong or you already have another version of office installed


After you have completed at least one installation you will then also be able to see your licenses and activation status