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All staff and students are assigned a college SSO username and password which is needed to access central college resources and services - this is know as the college SSO (single-sign-on) username/password

Some services may require you to use your college SSO username in UPN (user principal name) format:

This is your SSO username - example abcdef123, suffixed with our domain name

    • Which means your SSO UPN is '' using the examples provided above 


If you are required to use the full college UPN format the login page will tell you this, otherwise you can use either format

NB.  Students college SSO UPN is the same as their college email address

Whether using your SSO username or SSO UPN username your password is the same


 Current services that require SSO UPN username format include:

  • Student email (incl. OneDrive etc.)
  • Accessing all O365 secure shared areas (Staff)
  • Skype for Business (Lync)
  • Yammer
  • Athens

Current services that require SSO username only - without the '':


All other services can use either format

  • Desktop login
  • Wireless services
  • PRS
  • WebPrint