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Facts, Answers and Questions about IT services at Rose Bruford College

FAQ: Phishing SPAM emailadmin01 Feb, 2019
FAQ: PC Securityadmin01 Feb, 2019
FAQ: Get back into your accountadmin14 Jan, 2019
FAQ: Updating wireless encryption settings (eduroam visitors)admin21 Nov, 2018
FAQ : Accessibility in Office 365admin20 Mar, 2018
FAQ: O365 Share documents or folders in OneDriveadmin26 Jan, 2018
FAQ: O365 SharePoint External Sharing Best Practicesadmin26 Jan, 2018
FAQ: O365 SharePoint: Sharing with External Usersadmin26 Jan, 2018
FAQ: Accessing your OneDriveadmin08 Dec, 2017
Yahoo emailadmin26 Oct, 2016
FAQ: Download MS Office Pro Plus software via O365 OWA portaladmin20 Sep, 2016
FAQ: Error when accessing college resourcesadmin15 Jun, 2016
FAQ: JavaScript-toting spam emails: What should you know and how to avoid them?admin27 Apr, 2016
FAQ: What is the Office 365 Clutter feature?admin23 Feb, 2016
FAQ: What's New and Improved in Office 2016 for Office 365admin11 Feb, 2016
FAQ: Attachments in Outlook 2016admin08 Jan, 2016
FAQ: College SSO UPN usernameadmin16 Oct, 2015
FAQ: Downloading Microsoft software mediaadmin18 Nov, 2015
FAQ: Slow typing response in Office 2013 applicationsadmin02 Sep, 2015
FAQ's at RBCadmin12 Mar, 2015
FAQ: Sending large attachments via college emailadmin20 Nov, 2014
FAQ: OWA app unresponsiveadmin29 Oct, 2014
FAQ: Logging into O365 Secured Shared Areaadmin16 Oct, 2014
FAQ: Replacement ID cards (staff and student)admin30 Sep, 2014
FAQ: Yammer @RBCadmin06 Aug, 2014
FAQ: Outlook warning on first runadmin05 Aug, 2014
FAQ: Office 2013 Upgrade detailsadmin04 Jun, 2014
FAQ: Logon to RBC-INTERNET failsadmin03 Jun, 2014
FAQ: Things to Remember about your IT Induction (student)admin24 Mar, 2014
FAQ: How do I remove the wireless settings profile from my iPhone or iPad?admin19 Nov, 2013
FAQ: Student OWA email not functioning properly (Office 365)admin19 Nov, 2013
FAQ: Why must I refer to my home organisation for eduroam instructions?admin13 Nov, 2013