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First you need to have uploaded the file(s) to your college OneDrive cloud account - see here for how to do this

Then click on 'new' or reply to an existing email from within the OWA interface and click on either of the paperclip attach buttons as shown below:

This will then open your college OneDrive account and you should see the file(s) you previously uploaded, select the file(s) by ticking the box and then click on next as shown below:

Then select the 'Attach as a OneDrive file' button

This will then show the attachment(s) added to your email and by default the link you send will allow the recipient to change the file directly in your OneDrive account

Whilst there are times this might be useful, general you would only want the recipient to download their own copy of the file rather than use the copy you have, so select the down chevron and then select 'change permissions'

Then select 'Recipients can view' and click on the 'OK' button

This will then return you to the email with the attachment permissions now showing just view

Please note if you have multiple attached files you will need to repeat this step for each of them

You can now complete the rest of your email and send it

The recipient(s) will get a link to the files you sent which when they click on it will prompt them to download the file