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When using college email through the OWA (outlook web access) portal the are some options relating to how attachments are handled when sending messages

You can either use you college OneDrive to uploaded and send a download link with you message or use the more traditional method of attaching the file directly to the message

The onedrive method allows for much bigger files to be sent via email but will require the recipient of your email to have internet access to download the attachment at their end

You can set the default action when handling attachments via your OWA login in the options section

Click on the 'gear' icon (1) in the top right hand corner then select 'options' (2) from the drop down menu

Then select 'attachment preferences' (1) and choose the the default action for local computer files (2) and OneDrive files (3) - if you are unsure we recommend selecting the 'ask' option for both (as indicated below)

Then click on 'save' (4) and 'options' (5) to get back to your emails

When you next create an email and attach a file it will ask you to select either 'upload to onedrive' or 'attach as copy'