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Visitors from any other eduroam participating organisation will be able to use eduroam at RBC. Visitors should note the following key points:

  • You must follow your own organisation’s eduroam setup instructions – The RBC instructions will only work for RBC users
  • Try to set-up eduroam on your computer at your home organisation before coming to Rose Bruford College. This way it will be easier to liaise with your IT support team, if needed.
  • The name of the wireless network (SSID) for eduroam at RBC is eduroam
  • The encryption scheme is WPA2 with AES. If your home organisation uses WPA/TKIP, you will need to set your computer to use WPA2/AES while at RBC.
  • eduroam is available at the Lamorbey Campus, Sidcup only
  • Please abide by Rose Bruford College’s AUPs as well as those of your home organisation, and JANET when using the service at RBC.
  • You should contact your home organisation if you need help or support while using eduroam at RBC. However you can visit the college's IT helpdesk located outside the Library.


If you have already used Eduroam and just need to know the settings required for the RBC, these are :

Encryption:WPA2 Enterprise / AES
Authentication:Protected EAP (PEAP)
Trusted Root Authority:AddTrust External CA Root