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Eduroam provides secure wireless access for Rose Bruford College Students & Staff, as well as for visitors from other organisations that are part of the eduroam federation. It provides a secure, encrypted wireless service that enables you to get access to most commonly used internet services such as web browsing and email. Rose Bruford College users can also to use the wireless service at other eduroam locations worldwide.

Please note we have replaced the certificate used for authentication as of 3 July 2019

If you have previously configured your device to use Eduroam at other institutions your will need to re-run the CAT configurator for your device

To check that you have the new certificate installed on your device it should contain the following details:

Using eduroam

eduroam users can now more easily locate eduroam-enabled sites thanks to a new app for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The 'eduroam companion’ app helps users to locate their nearest eduroam point by visualising the central database of eduroam-enabled facilities on a map and provides information that the user will need in order to connect to the service.

Since the app taps into the central database, details of services throughout a number of participating countries are available.

There are some countries that do not provide data to the database, so coverage is not total. Equally, not all organisations provide similarly comprehensive data sets of where they provide service. 

In order to address this issue, a feature has been built in which enbles users to contribute to the accuracy of service coverage information - the app allows users to tag locations where they find eduroam.

Once the minumum threshold of tags have been received for a hotspot, a new location marker is created.

The iOS version can be downloaded free from iTunes. The Android version is now available from a number of sources, including Google.

The Android version features an increase in the quality and types of information captured when a user tags a location where they find eduroam. This has allowed the development of a new 'heatmap' coverage view. The Android version also features integration with popular social networks to allow users to share their eduroam experiences. Janet News announcement.

Acceptable use policies

All users of the eduroam network must agree to abide by the various acceptable use policies, JANET AUP and RBC AUP.

More information

Further information about eduroam is available from the eduroam federation’s website and JANET’s eduroam website.

Addition information is available from JANET (UK) in the form of the Roaming User Guide and the Roaming Policy document