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To add an electronic signature to certain college PDF forms you will need to use a computer that has at least one digital ID installed, which all college computers do

If you are completing a PDF form on a personal computer which does not have any digital ID's installed when you try a sign the document, you can click on the 'Configure New Digital ID' button

Then select 'Create a new Digital ID' and click on continue

The confirm were to save the digital ID you are creating - the computer certificate/key store is ideal if it is your computer you are using, as it means you can reuse this digital ID again next without needing to create it again

Then complete ALL the sections with your correct personal details, leaving the bottom 2 fields as shown, then click on Save

You will then see the digital ID in the list, select it and click on continue

This will then confirm the signature block and click on Sign

You will then be prompted to save the PDF - you can just overwrite the PDF or give it a new filename

You will then see that the signature block has been updated