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If you are using a college computer that has Adobe CC applications installed, you will be prompted to login to Adobe CC using your college federated SS0 account

When starting an Adobe application a creative cloud login prompt will appear and it is important that you follow the following couple of steps in completing this process

On the 'Sign In' box you MUST select 'Sign in with an Enterprise ID'

Then enter your college UPN - username with the '' after it, in the Username box (1)

If you are already signed in with your college username password you will not need to enter a password in the box, as soon as you click out of the username box you will automatically be signed in 

If you are using a shared/open access computer you will be taked to our authentication page to enter your college password

You will then have access to all the Adobe application on the computer you are using

If you get an error, first check that you entered your college username/password correctly (using the format describe above) and that the college password is valid, also check that the computer you are using has access to the internet