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All staff and students are given RBC login accounts which are part of the college's single sign on (SSO) setup, this means the same user name/password can be used for multiple college systems that you have access to

  • Staff Accounts

These are issued by HR (if PAYE) using a PR1 form or by the member of staff that arranged your contract (if FEE based) using a CR2 form

Please liaise with the college member of staff responsible for your contract or employment before you start to ensure that an account is approved and setup in a timely manor.  It is not the responsibility of IT helpdesk staff to issue and/or complete these forms and submitted incomplete forms will be returned

Remember to complete the 3 steps workflow to ensure everything is setup correctly once you receive your login details

  • Student Accounts

These are issued as part of the college's IT pack, given at either registration or collected from the IT helpdesk after registration

If you are uncertain if you have received your IT pack or your eligibility, please contact Student Support Services in the first instance

Remember to complete the 3 steps workflow after receiving your IT pack to ensure everything is setup correctly

The difference between username and UPN formats

  • Username is your supplied user name without the '' on the end
  • UPN is your supplied user name with the '' on the end
  • For students ONLY - your UPN is the same as your email address

Passwords - details can be found here 

If you are unsure about if you are eligible please check with the IT helpdesk

Current college systems/resources that currently use SSO accounts are:

  • Email
  • Office 365 accounts/resources
  • Yammer
  • Secure Shared Areas
  • OneDrive
  • Desktop login (PC only)
  • Internet Access (MAC only)
  • Unit 4 applications
  • Athens protected resources
  • WebPrint
  • Dream application
  • PRS
  • Celcat application
  • CRM