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All staff and students with college login accounts (ending with are elligible to free access to the full LinkedIn Learning catalogue

The link is - (also located on the colleges portal page)

If accessing the link off campus or using a personal device you will be prompted to enter your college login details via the usual SSO portal:

If using a college computer that you have already logged into, it will automatically log you in

The first time you access this service you will be asked a couple of questions

You can choose to either link or not an existing personal LinkedIn profile - we recommend not to

If you choose not to it will ask you to confirm

Then you can enter a job title or click on skip

And lastly to select the skills you want to learn - you must select at least one to complete the setup

You will now be greeted by your homepage

If you are having trouble logging in see - LinkedIn Learning problems

Accessing LinkedIn Learning on your mobile device using their app - LinkedIn Learning mobile apps