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Information Security Policy

Acceptable User Policies about IT services at Rose Bruford College

AUP: Email Policyadmin28 Jan, 2019
Standards and Guidelines for All Users of College Computing and Network Facilitiesadmin23 Jan, 2019
Desktop Policy - PCadmin09 Aug, 2018
AUP and Policiesadmin23 Sep, 2016
Information Security Policyadmin23 Sep, 2016
Information Technology Disaster Recovery and Businessadmin05 Aug, 2016
Internet Access Policyadmin05 Aug, 2016
IT Investigation Policyadmin05 Aug, 2016
Information Security Proceduresadmin05 Aug, 2016
IT Service Level Agreementadmin29 Apr, 2016
AUP: Wireless Acceptable User Policyadmin23 Feb, 2015
AUP: Yammeradmin18 Aug, 2014
AUP: Internet Accessadmin15 Nov, 2013
AUP: Social Networking Sitesadmin15 Nov, 2013


Policy documents

Standards and Guidelines for Desktop Computers.pdf

Standards and Guidelines for Strategic Systems.pdf