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RBC Yammer Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome to Yammer! Our goal is to provide a collaborative environment to connect with staff and students, and bridge various courses and projects to share meaningful information.

Your activity in this network is governed by the following requirements:

  • Everything in Yammer stays in Yammer! (No public posts or Tweets, etc).
  • Please do not post confidential information into the main feed.
  • Be respectful to other student and staff members. It is acceptable to disagree, but please do so in a respectful manner.
  • Add value with each post.
  • You are responsible for the material you post to Yammer.
  • It is important to substantiate ideas, but please keep messages brief and to the point.

Get started by following these Best Practices:

  • When you first join, select the colleagues you want to follow. Posts from these colleagues will appear in your Following feed. To see all company posts, select All.
  • Fill out your Profile information and be sure to add a Profile picture.
  • Customize your email preferences in the Notifications section.
  • Before asking a question, use the search bar and explore the Topics feed to explore existing content. This will help limit repetitive messages.
  • Browse the Group directory and join Groups that you find important. If a specific Group does not exist, start a new one and invite members of your team to contribute messages. For best results, use Groups as a replacement for existing email groups.
  • Add Topics, Links, pictures, and Events to posts when applicable.
  • Use the Yammer FAQ’s and How-To-Guide to help clarify common concerns.
  • Take time to explore Yammer- you’ll get the hang of it!

Post a ‘Question’ or send a Direct Message to Marc Wilson with any specific questions.