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This document addresses the risk of using social media websites, the policies required to manage those risks to an acceptable level and the responsibilities within the college to achieve this


Rose Bruford College understands the popularity and usefulness of social networking sites and supports their use by students provided:

  • No offensive or inappropriate pictures are posted (if you don't want your family/the Principal to see a picture don't post it on the internet)
  • No offensive or inappropriate comments are posted (if you don't want your family/the Principal to see a comment don't post it on the internet)
  • Make sure any information placed on these website(s) does not violate the College 'Internet Acceptable User Policy' or the 'Standards and Guidelines for all College Computing and Network Facilities'. 
  • You must remember that you are representatives of Rose Bruford College and are in the public eye.

Please keep the following in mind as you participate on social networking websites

  • Before participating in any online community, understand that anything posted online is available to anyone in the world.  Any text or photo placed online becomes the property of the site(s) and is completely out of your control the moment it is placed online - even if you limit access to your site.
  • You should not post any information, photos or other items online that could embarrass you, your family, or the college.  This includes information that may be posted by others on your page.
  • Never post your home address, local address phone number(s), birth date or other personal information. You could be a target of predators.
  • Administrators can and do monitor these web sites regularly.

Students must be aware that they could face disciplinary action for violating college policies and that the police and other law enforcement agencies monitor these websites regularly, as do potential employers as a way of screening applicants.  Keep in mind that sanctions like losing internet access may be imposed on you if these sites are used improperly from the college computer network, particularly if they depict inappropriate, embarrassing or dangerous behaviours.